October 25,2022
Biryany Day

Biryani has been one of the most ordered dishes in the pandemic and continues to hold its sway on restaurant menus.

Pankaj Gupta, founder, Taftoon shares his views. He says, “When you talk about biryani, this is a one-pot wonder. The meat version will be especially flavourful since it has meat stock that emanates slowly into the rice. It is an extremely popular dish as it is satiating, it makes for comfort food and is fun to share. Remember, we Indians eat a lot of rice. It is our common staple and that adds to the demand. Moreover, you don’t need any accompaniments with it, unlike gravy dishes where often bread accompanies the gravy. I also think biryani is linked to a lot of fond memories for many people: it’s a fun and lovely after party filler or late-night food for some, in some regions it can even be enjoyed in the morning. It is a commonly ordered dish for large groups of friends and families alike, and sometimes to be relished on a date. I say biryani is one of the best dishes to order in order to judge a restaurant. In my view, a single bite of biryani can tell you a lot about the restaurant itself!”